Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're Back!

We're home safe and sound, and had a fantastic time.  Jim and Millie are ready to move there, and since I want to also, it seems right somehow!

I'll try to show you day by day what we did.  First day, after getting up at dark:30 in the morning we boarded a 6:00 plane in Belgrade.  We transferred in Minneapolis (I know, huh!?) and flew directly from there to Mazatlan.  I will say all our flights went smoothly-they left a bit late but arrived early.  So we were in Mazatlan by noon.  When we touched down, the entire plane erupted into applause.  They were ready for spring break!

We managed to miss the gauntlet of timeshare salespeople on our way out of customs, and went directly to our shuttle pick-up spot.

Then on to the resort for check-in, lunch and that important first walk on the beach.

That smile says it all!

We stayed at the resort for the rest of the day.  We took in happy hour, amazing Imperial Shrimp at the resort restaurant and a wonderful sunset.

We did come home to some bad news.  Gramma fell twice on Wednesday, and now is bedridden.  She has to have a family member stay with her 24 hours a day, and the doctor says it's just a matter of time.  I know at 94 it's expected, but it still makes us sad.


  1. Welcome home! Just love the huge smiles. Sorry about Gramma, yes to be expected at 94 but still bruises the soul and hurts the heart! Just love her while you can!

  2. Oh, that beach/sunset bring back warm memories of our trip there last year. Glad you had a good time!


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