Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Shop

I usually don't remember, but this time I did put my Etsy shop on vacation mode, hence the blank on my sidebar where it usually shows up.  Now I just have to remember to take it OFF vacation mode!

Since I forgot my list the other day, today I have to make that dreaded Walmart run.  Gonna stop by Gram's apartment too.  She has started declining a bit-the pain from the cancer has increased quite a bit and she's having more trouble breathing, so we put her on Hospice care yesterday.  Now I'm shaky about leaving her, but she really isn't in a life crisis yet, so I think it will still be OK to go.  Brother and sis in law are coming from Helena today, too, so I want to be there when they are.  We have been invited by the church youth group to a Senior dinner tonight-I have my doubts that Gram will be going now, which is too bad because she was really looking forward to it.

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