Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Shirt

I've been trying to upgrade my shirt collection lately. I bought one new pattern on sale a Jo-Ann's, and dug out some of my tried-and-true patterns.

Cute pattern, but not exactly what I was feeling at the moment.

I've made this one-turned out nicely, except I made it out of velour and I found myself constantly tugging and adjusting.

So I went with this one-probably bought in the 90's or earlier, but I think it will work fine. I'll just eliminate the shoulder pads. It's a big shirt and will be nice to wear by itself or with a tank top underneath.

Now what fabric-the one I bought in Billings a couple of weeks ago:

Or this one from my stash:

Turns out, that without some creative laying and pinning the green piece wasn't enough for the big top. Being in a hurry, which is normal for sewing for myself, I opted for the larger teal print. It's all cut out, but I had to get thread, and I still don't have buttons for it-why don't they make buttons that match the fabric that they manufacture? They could get together on this and make more money, I think!

I'm home from church with a bug, or I'd be sewing right now. I read about these bloggers that sew or knit when they're sick, but all I'm capable of is sitting in my recliner with the remote, moaning and blowing my nose!

I managed to get a job interview the other day. This would be a receptionist for an insurance agent. They have a ton of applications, given the economy, so I'm not holding my breath. But at least I know I have enough qualifications that someone wants to meet me.

Oh yeah, and the youngest grandkid started Kindergarten this week!

He was ready and rarin' to go-no shyness here!

Well, back to my recliner!

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