Monday, August 16, 2010


I spent some time on my deck this afternoon. It hasn't been too hot, so a late afternoon iced coffee and knitting session is a lovely experience. I'm almost finished with Gram's socks. Just finishing the ribbing on one, then I just have to turn the heel and knit up the leg on the other.

I did finally sew buttons on a baby sweater, though. This is a pattern I downloaded from Ravelry. No special goal-it went in to my gift stash for future babies.

The buttons aren't a perfect match-better than the picture-but not bad. I used the gray from the trim to sew them on to direct attention away from the not-quite-perfect color. I scoured Bozeman and these are the closest I could come.

I think this sweater will be one I make often. It's done in a bulky yarn so it goes pretty fast and it turns out pretty cute if I say so myself!

I love sitting under the trees. The birds serenade me nonstop and I love the shadows the sun shining through the leaves makes.

Add my own homemade mocha blended coffee and it was a perfect afternoon. Too short, but perfect.


  1. cute baby sweater, love the off-center opening!

  2. I figured that there were a lot of people out there who already use what I'm going to call "the flat feeddog method" of sleeve application. I just wanted to put it out there JUST IN CASE per chance there was one person who had never heard of doing it this way. It worked really well for me, so I will be using it again and again. Not many things I HATE worse than a sleeve pucker! And like you said you've been using it forever and it works for you. Several people sounded pretty much against the method, but as I always say "there is more than one way to skin a cat".


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