Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's funny how people hear things differently. In describing the new church my son and daughter-in-law are helping to start, if I use the word "service," most people think of going in, sitting down, looking at the back of somebody's head, and listening to someone talk. What this church means by service is that-actually serving God's people.

The name they chose for their church is "Imagine." It's connected to a main denomination but that's the only way they resemble a "real" church. Imagine goes where the people are, and where the needs are. People who have been turned off by conventional church are finding a home here.

Here is a You Tube video of their "service" last Friday night-a cardboard box city to raise money for and awareness of the homeless. This money benefits a super organization called "Family Promise." Also check out my daughter-in-law's blog to read her thoughts about the city and about her church. Daughter-in-law is an IT person, so I don't expect it will be long before they have a website and I will put up a link when they do. They are on Facebook if you are a subscriber.

Enjoy the video-a couple of my grandkids and my son are in it.

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