Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Met Another Bloggy Friend!

Last night Chris played his last football game for the season. It just happened to be against the Livingston Cougars. One of the Cougars' moms is Jenn Claar. We got to finally meet after the game-she's a bubbly, lovely lady and her daughter is pretty cute, too. AND her son did a great job playing football. The Panthers won, but the Cougars did a fine job.

Hope to see you again soon, Jenn, maybe you could teach Millie and me how to scrapbook. Or just get together for a gab fest.


  1. it was sooo nice to REALLY meet you too!! And as for scrapbooking ...we should do that!! I bet I could get you hooked!!

  2. I love meeting blog friends in person! How fun!


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