Monday, October 12, 2009

Crocheted Swiffer Duster Cover Tutorial

Finally, as I have promised for two months, I've finally put together a tutorial for these covers.

Materials & equipment:

4-ply acrylic yarn-about three or four ounces. Use the bargain bin cheap stuff-static is a good thing with these dusters. This is a great stash buster. You can use one color or have a different color for the loopy part and the base part.
Size H crochet hook (gauge isn't important)
Yarn needle

For base, chain 21.

Round 1. Do 3 sc in 2nd chain from hook. Sc across to last chain, 3 sc in last chain. Do not turn.

Rotate work and do 3 sc in the other side of the last chain. Sc down second side and 3 sc in the other side of the first chain you did the 3 sc in. Join to the first chain with a slip stitch.

Round 2. Chain 2 and start dc around, making dc ONLY in the back loop of the stitch, and making 3 dc's in the center sc in the 3 sc in the previous row. This forms the corner. Dc down side to next 3 sc, 3 dc in middle sc. Dc around to next corner, 3 dc in center sc of the 3 sc. Dc to fourth corner and make 3 dc in center sc. Dc across end to ch 2 and join with a slip stitch, making sure that both ends have an equal number of double crochets.

Round 3 & 4. Dc around in the same manner as Round 2, being sure to only catch the back loop of the previous round and that your ends have an equal number of stitches.

Get your Swiffer out and lay your base on it. Mine is the Pledge brand and I don't know if there's a size difference, but if there's a big difference in size, just do one more dc round. It should be somewhat smaller than the Swiffer.

Round 5 . Ch 1, sc around in back loop of previous round. This is forming the sides, so you don't have to turn the corners from here on. Join with sl st to ch 1.

Round 6. Ch 1, sc around in BOTH loops, join with a sl st to ch 1.

Round 7, 8, 9. Ch 1, sc 4, dec. in next two stitches. Repeat around-if your single crochet count is off, its okay, we're just making kind of a sleeve that stays on the Swiffer base. Cut yarn and pull through loop.

It kind of looks like a funky slipper.

Now here's the fun part. Make a slip knot and starting in the center, insert your hook into any of the loop we left when we single crocheted the first round. Attach it with a slip stitch. Chain 4, slip stitch in the next loop. Continue around, and slip stitch in the first loop.

Chain 4, move to the next round and slip stitch in a loop. It doesn't matter which one, just be sure to start in the center round and move out-much easier to keep track of. Where you joined your base rounds with a slip stitch won't have a clear loop, so just pick up any thread-this is for the floor after all, and you can't see it when you're done.

Continue all the way to the last row that has exposed loops. You should have 4 rounds of ch 4 loops.

Cut yarn, pull thread through. With yarn needle bury threads.

Ta daa! You could use this either wet or dry, so far I've only used mine dry and LOVE it!

Note: I have changed the pattern a bit. Check out row 6-there are no decreases. This will be much easier to put on and off the Swiffer.

If you have found my pattern here and have tried it, I would LOVE to have you leave a comment so I can see how it worked for you.


  1. FANTASTIC!! I absolutely love this and I'm going to try it. It totally makes sense to make a reusable swiffer cover. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh how I wish I could pin this! I'm new to crochet (again) and can't wait to try this! (Again meaning I crocheted when I was younger and made up stitches as I went) now I am trying to learn the right way to do things and this pattern will be perfect for me to learn DC! Much more interesting than learning making hats and scarves! After all, how many of those can u wear at once? With this I'll end up with something interesting AND useful!

  3. Wow...tks for this wonderful pattern, it will not only help in cleaning my hardwood floors but will also save me money,...tks again!

  4. Thank you for the pattern. I'm making several!

  5. Thank you for the pattern! l LOVE mine!

  6. Do you have a handheld duster wig cover video on pattern

    1. Sorry, I've been neglecting my blog! No, I don't have a pattern for the handheld-but you never know I might get the wheels turning.

  7. FANTASTIC Pattern! I will say, I made for a Swiffer brand. It did require one extra row of DC around. I am going to make up several...I made one as a gift and I ended up with orders. Your page doesn't have "rules" that I can I am giving you the credit but I am selling. Thanks so so much!!!!!!!!

    1. Good to know. Go ahead and sell, the world needs a lot of these!

  8. Do you have a pattern for the hand held or wand swiffer? Thank you for Sharing this pattern.

    1. Sorry, no I don't. Sorry for the late reply, I've kind of neglected my blog.


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