Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Girl

Tuesday was our last full day in Mazatlan, First, the doctor came and got Irene, took her to the hospital, took some stitches out, and brought her back.

After Irene got back, Stan and I rode the bus into town to do a bit of shopping. When we took Gram along shopping, it was slow going because, since she couldn't see she did a lot of stopping and starting. It took a long time to get anywhere. I would hold her arm and warn her of bad spots in the sidewalks. If we were in a crowd, she would completely stop, totally confused and afraid of falling. So we waited until Irene could be there for Gram and we took off. We wanted to find an ironwood horse to give our friends who were taking care of the dog. They own several horses so we thought that would be an ideal gift. Ironwood makes beautiful carvings. We found what we wanted, browsed a bit more and hopped the bus back.

We had set up a little birthday party for Gram-she turned 93 yesterday. We ate in the resort restaurant, and after dinner the staff came out with a cake (from Panama) banging on pots and singing in Spanish. The cake was shared with fellow diners and they all wished her a happy birthday.

Beautiful carved harp. Harpist was excellent, too.

One of the things we like best about Mazatlan is the birds. I photograph them and we go home and try to look them up in our bird books. This time it must have been hummingbird season. There were hundreds of broad-billed hummingbirds everywhere. I couldn't believe that I actually got some decent shots of them.

They chirped, too, something I haven't heard hummingbirds do here at home.

A little more moon on the water time and off to bed. It didn't seem to take much for us to poop out, hard as we tried to keep going!

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