Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Home

Darn it, we had to go home! I guess, since I have a bunch of my own points to use, we'd better take another trip soon. Any volunteers for travel companions?

Such a sad sight-all the luggage loaded and waiting for the airport shuttle!

The trip home wasn't without incident. First our plane at Mazatlan was two hours late-this is not unusual, so we weren't upset. We just watched the young men watching a championship soccer match on a TV in the airport bar. I think it was Spain vs. Argentina. We had our temperatures taken again, this time with an infra-red camera, and when we filled out the little form, we had to state what prescriptions we were taking.

Irene fell again-we had deplaned in Phoenix and were getting on the escalator to go through customs when a woman behind Irene asked if she could get by since she might miss her connecting flight. Irene said, "Sure," and stepped aside, stepping on two stairs at once, falling into me. I was right in front of her, with Gram ahead of me. I heard her yell, so I braced myself against the stairs and the railing so I wouldn't hit Gram and send her to the bottom. Irene ended up going down upside down. Stan found the shutoff switch, but we were almost down by that point anyway. Irene's other knee was skinned, I sprained my wrist and my back is out-may have to visit the chiropractor.

This time, the hotel shuttle picked us up, so the expense was just a tip. However, because of the airport mixup, I had booked us at a hotel near Sky Harbor, and we had to go all the way out to Mesa to catch the Allegiant Air flight at 6:00 AM the next morning. The taxi was only $60 this trip, and the airport is small enough that we could check in quickly. The 3:00 wake-up call was the pits, though!

A short friendly flight later we landed in Billings. After a jog through Big Lots and the new Cabellas, we drove home.

A few random memories:

Pelicans fishing

We had three pets in our condo-one was a 2" flying cockroach, which was dispatched with my shoe the first night. The other two were a pair of geckos. They were fun to watch, and you want to have a few around since they eat bugs. Geckos squawk, something I never knew. I tried to put a little suit on one, but he just wanted to sell me some car insurance!

Baby Iguana

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