Monday, May 20, 2013

Now the Pink Ones

The pink flowering crabapple tree is doing very nicely.

I've been taking snapshots since this tree was tiny and had its first bloom.

Next: the lilacs!
The yard is filled with fragrance!

Hoping to do some sewing tomorrow.  I haven't been down to the sewing room for a long time.  Stan is going to be gone for the next few days so maybe I can squeeze in some sewing time.  Gracie is waiting for me to make Rosetta, her Build-a-Bear, some clothes.  She needs a nightgown and a cowgirl costume.

The dogs will probably want to sleep with me, at least Merlin.  Chloe doesn't sleep peacefully-she keeps jumping off and then can't get back up-very annoying.  Merlin crawls into a padded box in the closet and doesn't move all night.  Stan is going to Reno for the national bowling tournament.  It's mostly a guy-type trip. I could have gone but the casinos fill the rooms with so much fragrance I am miserable.  Besides, then I'd have to find a sitter for the dogs.  I'll just stay here and enjoy my empty house!


  1. I think you are going to enjoy your time alone. We have one dog who stays put and the other up and down, most annoying to keep getting woken up. When we are both here she sleeps deeper. Love your flowering trees.

  2. The tree is gorgeous -- glad you are finally enjoying some spring weather!


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