Monday, April 22, 2013

Off and On the Needles

I love to use the bits of leftover sock and baby yarn to make baby socks.  Just finished these;

I made a pair of socks for myself from this yarn.  It's Serenity Sock Yarn by Deborah Norville.  A combo of wool, bamboo and nylon.  I love working with this yarn!

This is from baby yarn by Bernat-acrylic.  Really works up cute.
Just cast on a baby sweater:

This pattern book was printed in 1968.  My mom made a sweater and blanket from this book for my oldest son who was born in 1969.
In the 80's, I worked at a small yarn shop here in Manhattan.  She paid us with barter rather than with wages so for a while I had a ton of yarn.  So this yarn is 30 years old!

I'm ready to do some stash busting, so we'll see how much I get done, I have five 1-ounce skeins,  I told Stan this morning that it was time to use this stuff, it had aged long enough!

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  1. wow, the old pattern amazing enough but that you have the old yarn to go with it? Wow. Cute socks!


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