Saturday, April 13, 2013

Almost Didn't Make It!

Just finished a baby sweater for a former co-worker.  I just grabbed a boy-looking skein of yarn out of my stash, thinking there was enough.  Well, not quite.  About 12" not quite!

 I do have another skein of the same color and dye lot, but it's wrapped up in another project.  I managed to eke another foot or so from the second skein and hope there is enough left to finish the shawl I'm making.  Should be.

It's acrylic and really doesn't need blocking but I thought my stitching was uneven so I doused and pinned.

It's supposed to be a 5 hour sweater, but you have to actually work on it in order to get it done in that time, LOL!  Hope the new mommy like this!

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