Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We got Grandma settled into the rehab center. She doesn't have much pain, so that's good. I don't like the sound of her breathing but hopefully they're watching that. Sooner or later she'll be mad at us for putting her there, even though she HAD to go there. It's OK, we know we did the best thing.

I rode in the van with her from the hospital to the center. It was kind of a weird ride. I kept thinking that this was the last ride for her-the end of the line, I guess. We rode by the old hospital where my kids were born as well as some of hers, we rode by the building where she and Pappy used to have a sewing machine store, then we rode by the church we still attend and is right across from the home. And the last kicker was when they took us to her new room-number 232-the very room where Pappy was when they first put him in the rest home.

Really was a weird ride. Hope she is happy there these last months of her life. Okay, Marty, don't cry!

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