Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Saturday and My First Blogger Video

What a day! Hubs, son, and Syd all took off at 8:00 for the lake, where they happily spent the day catching "Really big fish, Gramma!"

I took off for Sam's flag football game at 10:00.

And before his game was over, I headed to the high school to watch Chris play football against Livingston. The Panthers won 34-6!

After the game, Gracie and I headed to Bozeman for lunch at the Co-op and a few errands. The kids just love to eat on their balcony-so pleasant! (So do I!)

And since Gracie had been begging to come to my house for forever, we headed home, where she proceeded to rake my leaves, with Chloe supervising. I pitched in when it became obvious that this pile was for jumping.

And here is where the fun started. The fishermen came home, and Gracie's mom and brother showed up-the leaf pile didn't stand a chance!

Good times-the kids will carry that memory all their lives.


  1. And we got to eat the "really big fish" or at least two of them for Sunday dinner. Yum!

  2. I found your blog through Polka Dot Cottage...

    Loved the video of your grandchildren playing with the leaves! The grandson without the shirt, throwing leaves in the air, saying, "I'm rich! I'm rich!" just made me laugh.

    You are rich too, in delightful grandchildren. :)

  3. Oh! That was so cute!! I can't wait to rake leaves with some grand kids some day!!


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