Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lucky Doll!

My sister-in-law dug up this doll at her mom's house. It was Norma's as a child. Norma has two small granddaughters, but since there was only one doll and I only have one granddaughter, she gave the doll to me to give to Gracie.

The only thing was the poor thing was basically naked! I was contemplating what kind of clothes to design for the doll (she's about 10 inches tall), when I found this retro pattern:

So I started cutting! So far, a dress, panties, slip, nightgown, and a coat. I also found in my mom's things a bed doll dress that she had started, so I am adapting and finishing that as well. This will be a three-way Christmas gift-from Gramma, Auntie Norma, and Great-Gramma Pat. Something to remember us all by.


  1. Oh, lucky Gracie -- I remember when I got a doll and a whole suitcase of clothes for it that my mom had sewn -- a little red velvet coat, dresses and pj's -- brings back great memories!

  2. I remember as a young child, right after my mom and dad divorced, we were living with my aunt and uncle and didn't have a dime. I was watching my mom sew some clothes that could fit a doll and I asked her about it. She said she was making baby clothes for someone. Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when all those clothes were under the tree along with a lovely doll. I really thought Mommy had an in with Santa because she knew what he was bringing me and could make clothes for the doll!

  3. I still have the doll, the clothes and the cradle my parents gave me on my 5th birthday. My mom made a bunch of clothes for her and I passed them to my daughter when she turned 5. As a matter of fact, I gave her the cradle and I bought her the exact same doll...."Pussy Cat", by Madame Alexander. She's so much like me..that she played with mine...and put her's on the "just-to-look-at-shelf"!


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