Thursday, November 5, 2009

...And the rest

I finished the other jumper and pants this week. I used embroidery patterns I had downloaded. I have a Huskystar embroidery machine-a basic machine that just embroiders and monograms. No thread cutting, no quilting stitches, no regular sewing. I also have Viking 500-bought it 1996 if memory serves. It still hums, so why get one of those $8000 machines that does everything? Besides, quite often I sew or serge another project while I'm waiting for an embroidery design to finish. The Huskystar does just fine-someday I'll trade up but for now it serves me well. (As long as I stay away from the dealer when she demos those big machines-drool!) My serger is ready to be traded, it's a White (Viking) that Stan got me for my birthday in 1990, but I still nurse it along and it still is willing to work for me. I'd like to get a serger with a differential feed and a rolled hem that's easier to get to, so I'll be looking soon.

I kind of got off the subject. Here are the two garments I just finished:

The pants that were the reason for the meltdown only had the flowers on one leg, but I'm the kind of person that likes symmetry, so the new pants got it in both legs:

The desgn I put on the jumper-in the center, of course:

I also finished Sam's hat and mittens. I used a camo colored knitting worsted with a sport weight yarn as the second thread. They went together nicely. I'm working on Isaac's mittens right now, then will do Sydney's. I'm getting a little tired of mittens, but all the grandkids will have warm hands this winter.

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