Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, a Day Early!

Tomorrow is my son Dave's 38th birthday. Since we will be doing the OJ Simpson thing through airports tomorrow, I'm wishing him an early happy birthday.

Dave is quiet, artistic, kind-hearted, and very intelligent. He is a luthier by trade-someone who makes guitars or mandolins. He does both, but his paid job is as a finish worker on mandolins. His work is breathtaking! He's a pretty darn good cook, too! He lives in Austin Texas now. He moved to Austin to be near his sweetie, Laura. She keeps him there, but he really likes Austin, too.

Dave, age 3, with brother Jim, age 5.

Around second grade.

Fourth grade.

Family fishing trip.

Laura, Dave, and Stan last year when we visited Austin.

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  1. wow, that's a neat profession. paul (my significant other) plays guitar and mandolin and i bet he'd love to work on making them some day. maybe if/when we ever move back to tx.

    happy birthday to your son!


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