Saturday, January 4, 2014

One More Gift

When Stan's mom passed away I ended up with most of her sewing supplies, which included her small fabric stash.  She was a frugal soul, and if a dress wore out she would dismantle it and use it for other projects.  I'd been wanting to make something for the siblings and grandkids to remember her by, but didn't want to make 14 memory bears.  So I got the idea of making "dog bone pillows," neck pillows for napping or travel. 

They do look like a dog bone and are pretty comfy.

They don't take too long to make, but when you have a few to do...

Such a frugal soul, she made the pattern out of a newspaper.
New year's day we had a family Christmas get-together, and after all the other gifts were opened I dumped the bag of pillows out on the table and told them to pick one.  They scrambled for them, sister Norma recognized two of the fabrics that had been part of her own clothing.  They were a great hit!  Only thing was, I miscounted.  I had to make one more for the niece in Oregon.  I finished that this morning while I was waiting for some fabric to wash.  Next project is two new dress shirts for Stan-his birthday present.  I bought the fabric and gave it to him on his birthday and now I have to get cracking on shirts.

Now I should be taking down the tree but I'm getting the lazies.  I baked all morning too, and I might get supper made, but I doubt anything else is going to happen.  Maybe a little knitting while watching the British sitcoms on PBS-our Saturday night tradition.

Stay tuned, we might be zipping off to Mazatlan in the next few weeks if we can get out ducks in a row.  I am ready!  We were waiting for Irene to finish some medical things, but decided we could go in the spring with her and just the two of us could go now.  We wanted to go for our anniversary in October, but life got in the way, so we can count this as an anniversary trip.  Think we even have a house sitter!

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  1. What a splendid idea and so special as they will always be used with a fond memory.

    Mazatlan is hot!!


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