Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sad Day

I was in Bozeman when I heard there was a terrible storm warning for Manhattan.  I called Stan and he said he thought it would go around.  Well, it didn't.

Nice little pile up against the door!

My kale!

And Stan's tomatoes!

These leaves blew all the way over the house onto the truck.  The whole town is carpeted with leaves and branches.
Gardeners all over town are sobbing and fingering shredded bean plants.  Usually the storms go around Manhattan but not this time.  Other towns in Montana got it even worse-one town had many trees blown down and the last I heard they still didn't have power because of downed power lines.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a storm. We had one here a few weeks back but no hail -- looking at your back door it looks like snow. Sad your garden took such a beating! Glad that your house is fine and you are safe !

  2. Now that was a hail storm! So sorry about your garden and I am sure some flowers were damaged also.


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