Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting There

Thought I'd better let you all know I'm still kicking.  I kind of lost three weeks of my life, a couple of bills got paid a little late and my house is a pit, but I'm breathing.  I got really frustrated with the cardiologist-what he wanted to treat me with was making me sicker.  One of my Afib triggers is when my blood sugar drops.  The beta blocker he gave me made my blood sugar drop-huh?  So I was really a mess.  We tried cutting the dose in half but as it built up in my system the side effects got worse and worse.  So I decided to quit it on my own-DON'T EVER STOP THESE DRUGS COLD TURKEY!  Yikes, my blood pressure was on the rise!  So I quickly got back on my old, milder beta blocker.  I added a bunch of supplements, too.  The cardiologist was talking all kinds of procedures and blood thinners but I just don't think I'm ready for that.

So I'm doing acupuncture and yesterday I saw a Chinese herbalist that consults at my local, wonderful, supplement store.  She reinforced what I'm doing and added a couple other things.  She reassured me that I wasn't taking too much potassium, and gave me a little education on how blood levels work with your body.  I was supposed to be there 20 minutes but we talked for over an hour!

At the end of the day I am feeling much, much better, the episodes of Afib and tachycardia are decreasing every day, and I am sleeping like a champ!  I am trying to reduce my stimulants as well, but I think a very healthy body can handle a cup of coffee every now and then.  My blood pressure is perfect and so is my heart rate.

Stan's brother wants to come over Monday to finish a door frame he promised to do a long time ago, so now that I've paid the bills I'd better get the house in some kind of shape so I can entertain his wife.  Stan offered to help and I am holding him to that!!

Millie will finish her pacemaker procedure on Tuesday, prayers are requested for that.  I really hope she ends up with more energy and a better quality of life, poor girl!

Sydney has been here for a little over a week, it's been great to have him back.  He'll spend a couple more weeks with his mom, then back to home for the school year.  I miss the little stinker when he's gone!  So do his cousins, they played and played yesterday.  Syd and Sam will be fast friends their whole lives.  Well, off to the post office then home to clean.  Cheers!


  1. Wow, sorry to hear you've been feeling so awful -- glad you've found someone who can listen and give you the help you know your body needs.

  2. You have been through so much, well actually too much. Like I said in a recent post you have to be responsible for your own health. Hopefully all will fall into place for you very soon.

    Give Millie all my best.


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