Friday, November 30, 2012

And Today

I've been working a lot at Macy's, in fact I'm a little miffed at them.  They knew I didn't want full time, but I have it anyway.  I'm supposed to be able to schedule myself, but that's kind of a laugh.  If you don't pick a shift on a "key" day, they will schedule you and you may not like it.  I thought I had everything scheduled, but yesterday, after spending 45 minutes at the acupuncturist because of a devastating spasm in my neck, my boss calls and informs me that since I didn't schedule on the key days she did it for me.  Never mind that I had no clue when these days are-there is nothing on the scheduler that shows it.  I almost cried-I was in so much pain, which the acupuncturist attributes to the black Friday ordeal-she scheduled me to work at a time when I'm supposed to be at a luncheon given by a local charity in honor of all the city's church secretaries.  And the luncheon is supposed to be in my church!

She called me back and told me she had switched my shift with another girl's.  I can go to the luncheon, but now I have to work until midnight!  My family is up in arms-they want me to quit.  I think I will, I am too old for this, and my church job comes first.  Well actually, my health comes first and it is being compromised.  Millie is really urging me to give my notice-which I have made up my mind to do, just have to write up a resignation and deliver it.  I'm worried I won't get to go to the grandkids' programs, plus if I work all the shifts I have scheduled and my church days I will work six days next week!

My neck is improving but it's slow.  AI wants me to come back for another treatment, but I really can't afford it.  So far all the money I've earned has gone for acupuncture.

On the upside, tomorrow morning Millie and I are taking Grace and Sydney to a children's matinee of The Nutcracker.  Sam won't go, says he's too manly.  Sydney tried to talk him in to going and Sam tried to talk Syd into doing something "manly" with him and Jim.  These kids are too funny!  Then Stan and I have a Christmas party tomorrow night.  I love Christmastime!


  1. You have to take care of yourself first. I support your decision. sorry to hear about your pain, hope the acupuncture helps. Someone here is starting to do it and I might try it.

    As to Macy's, I bet they give you want rather than loose what you.

  2. I'd tell them that either they give you the part time hours they promised or you quit -- then it's up to them to decide!


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