Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knitted Easter Egg Pattern

Okay, here is my creation.  I think it turned out pretty well-it's been fun cranking them out.

Easter Egg Pattern

Materials:  Bits of leftover knitting worsted, about an ounce.  The variegated is the most fun, especially the self-striping yarns.

Set of double pointed knitting needles size 6 US.
 Large darning needle

Cast on 8 stitches, divide on 3 needles (3 stitches, 2 stitches, and 3 stitches).
Row 1:  Knit around.
Row 2:  Knit 1, (inc. in stitch below next stitch, K 2) around, K1 (See increase instructions at the end of this post.)  (11 sts)
Row 3:  Knit around.
Row 4:  K 1 (inc. 1, K 2) around.  (16 sts)
Row 5:  Knit around.
Row 6:  K 1 (inc. 1, K 3) around.  (21 sts)
Row 7:  Knit around.
Row 8:  K 1 (inc. 1, K 4) around.  (26 sts)
Row 9:  Knit around.
Row 10:  K 2 (inc. 1, K 4) around.  (32 sts)

Rows 11-24:  Knit around.

Row 25:  K 2 (K 2 tog, K 4) around.  (27 sts)
Rows 26-28:  Knit around.

Row 29:  K 2 (K 2 tog, K4) around, K 1. (23 sts)
Rows 30-32:  Knit around.

Row 33:  K2 (K 2 tog, K 4) around, K 2 tog, K 1  (19 sts)
Rows 34-36:  Knit around.

Row 37:  K 1, (K 2 tog) around.  (10 sts)
Row 38:  K 2 tog around.

Cut yarn, leaving about 8", thread yarn needle and run through remaining stitches on needles.  Pull tightly, run needle through the end carefully so you don't see the threads on the outside, bury thread tail and cut.

Bury thread at the bottom end, but leave egg open if you are going to fill it.  You could stuff it with cotton or fiberfill and sew up the end if you wanted to, but I filled mine with Robin Eggs and those little wrapped chocolate eggs.

Increase Instructions

Insert needle into the stitch BELOW the next stitch.

 Then yarn over and pull through that stitch.  You now have a new stitch on your right needle.

Knit the next stitch as usual.  That would count as the next stitch in the sequence.

I'm trying to get 10 done-I'm on 8 1/2 as of today, so I have to keep moving on them.  All my kids-big and little are getting these for Easter.

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