Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vacation Socks and Missing Stuff You Know You Packed

I did do a fair amount of knitting on vacation. It was so therapeutic to sit watching the ocean, binoculars and coffee by my side, happily ticking away at my socks.

I knitted on the plane, too. Just as a precaution I bought bamboo needles on my way out of Bozeman, but it probably wasn't necessary. I asked about it when I checked in and they said that most any knitting needle or crochet hook is allowed. I said, "I guess they think knitters are happy people that don't want to blow up airplanes!" They got a kick out of that.

I tried to show the surroundings when I took the picture of the finished socks. You can kind of see the grass and walkways on the property behind the railing.

Funny thing-I transferred the project to the bamboo needles and tucked the metal needles into one of the checked bags. They have disappeared! They must have gone where the nail clippers went. I needed a clipper, found one in my checked bag and showed it to hubby. He said he hated that one so I dropped it back into the suitcase. I knew exactly where I dropped it and which compartment, but when Hubs decided to use that one anyway I absolutely could not find it! I looked for a couple of days, finally gave up and bought one at the convenience store. That's when I found not only the hated clipper, but when I opened my knitting tool case I found three more! I guess in order to find the metal knitting needles I'll have to buy another set. No big deal the bamboo are really nice and they came in a set of five, just in case I run across a pattern that uses five.

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