Saturday, April 18, 2009

Three Friends

I finished the bunnies. Blue to Sydney, red to Sam, and pink to Grace. Don't they look like three friends all lined up?

This is a Lion Brand pattern. It calls for Wool-Ease, but I was a very good girl and used bits from my stash. I wanted two blue bunnies, but didn't have enough yarn left so I went with the red.

The last time I gave them stuffed animals, Sydney became extremely attached to a dog with hearts on it-a Valentine's clearance toy. He named it Fred and it has to go wherever he goes and sleep with him. I wonder if these guys will be as loved.


  1. There is nothing so nice as a homemade toy! I hope they keep hold of them. I know I am very sorry to have lost my homemade doll my grandmother made for me.

  2. too Cute! They will love them! I still have a doll that my great grandmas made me when i was a kid!

  3. So far the pink bunny has watched Gracie take a bath, slept with her, was buckled in the van, taken to the kindergarten tour and right now is at preschool with her. She is very attached. The red bunny has been jumping on the trampoline and riding around in the back of Sam's big dump truck...I would say well loved is true!


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